1. Albany Paranormal Research Society Inc. is a paranormal investigation and research group that is registered as a Not-For-Profit corporation in the State of New York .

2. APRS does not charge clients for investigations. It is our goal to assist those in need as a community service.

3. APRS sponsors a public meet-up group that allows the general public to join together to listen to guest speakers, go on group outings to reported haunted locations local to Albany NY, learn about the equipment and its use in researching the paranormal, and to share experiences with others.

4. At this time all equipment used by APRS is privately owned by each investigator. Our investigators are encouraged to supply their own transportation and equipment at their own expense.

5. APRS is respectful of our clients privacy and will not publicly share any investigation information unless specifically agreed upon by the client.

6. As a group we will do our best to honestly and educationally reply to any questions about the paranormal. If we do not have the answer we will do our best to find the information or refer it to someone that does.

7. APRS will not offer to banish or exorcise any possible entities from a clients property. That is not what we do. If there is sufficient evidence of unwanted paranormal activity we will do our best to assist you in any way we can in finding a solution, by informing you of your options.


What to expect before, during and after an investigation:


1. Once APRS is contacted by a potential client an assessment and interview process then begins. If the location of the requested investigation is out of our reach we will attempt to refer the client to another group that operates closer to their locality. Once contact has been made with the client we will fill out a brief interview/claim form so that we may assess the location and situation. From there we will cover a more detailed interview document via phone or E-mail.

2. From the information provided we will research the property and history of the area that the property resides in.

3. Once the client and investigation have been accepted we will then do our best to schedule a day and time for the investigation that will not only be convenient for the client but also our investigators.


1. Once APRS arrives at the designated location we allow for time when the client gives a walk-thru of the property. This gives the teams a chance to see where supposed activity has taken place so that they can set up equipment appropriately. Notes will be taken during this walk-thru and it may also be recorded as a reference to the claims.

2. Client will be asked to sign a permission/release form. We will ask the client as to what their rules are about accessible locations on the property. As a team we will not enter rooms or areas if the client wishes us not to.

3. Equipment will be properly set up to best capture and record any possible paranormal events or activity.

4. A team will walk thru the location to record base temperatures, EMF, and if possible photograph the layout of each room.

5. Actual investigation now begins and resumes until the designated time that was agreed upon with client.

6. When investigation is completed equipment is then broken down and packed up. Property is always left as it was before we began. We do our best not to disturb any physical property unless permission is granted by client before investigation begins.


1. Over the course of a week (on average) each investigator review the evidence that they have gathered from their personal equipment. A group meeting is scheduled where all team members present their individual findings and it is review by all who attend. This is the time when all possible evidence is scrutinized for validity. A listing of all evidence (if any) is made that will be presented to the client such as client claims that have been debunked, photo, audio, video and any personal experiences of investigators during the investigation.

2. A final report is then compiled and written up including a log of any evidence found (as listed above). Evidence and reports are placed on disk media format for the client.

3. Client is contacted and a review meeting is scheduled where the client is presented with any findings from the investigations. For a very low fee the client can request to purchase a copy of any evidence that was obtained during the investigation. This fee is to cover the cost media supplies.

4. At this time we try to answer any questions that the client may have. We let the client know that we are available for information and repeat investigations as needed. We also make arrangements to follow up with the client within a discussed period of time to check in and see if they are having any further issues.