Ghost Tech


Saturday, January 23, 2010 - 7:00pm

Attendance: approx. 22

Where: Venture Inward

 This seminar was prepared and given by Albany Paranormal Research Society for those interested in finding evidence of the paranormal using different types of equipment to conduct research and help them investigate in the field.

Topics covered included audio recorders, audio software, cameras, video, EMF detectors, thermometers, and much more. The evening was filled with valuable insight on the equipment used in the field of paranormal investigation with some fun mixed in as well.

APRS investigators were on hand to share their insight on equipment that they have used...their likes and dislikes of certain models and the knowledge that they have gained during their research as paranormal investigators.

This was an interactive seminar and we were please with the response of the attendees. This was an enjoyable and informative event where everyone came together to make it a success. Thank you everyone who attended.