APRS Paranormal Meetup of Albany - Research Investigation Project


Sunday, August 16, 2009 - 12:00pm

Attendance: 19

Oakwood Cemetery, Troy, NY

We've all heard the stories of this haunted location right in our own backyard. As we know, many in the paranormal field say that spiritual activity is reported as much during the daytime as it is during the late evening hours. So do strange things happen in Oakwood Cemetery on a late Sunday afternoon ?

Thank you for helping the Albany Paranormal Research Society find an answer and for joining the APRS Paranormal Meetup of Albany as we conducted a research investigation project at Oakwood Cemetery in Troy. This is an active site as members of the APRS team have captured EVPs at the location before.

As Oakwood is a large cemetery, we targeted certain areas where alleged activity has been reported: Uncle Sam's grave site, Burden grave site which lore says Sara Burden was an alleged witch, a mausoleum near the Burden site and also the grave site of Major General George H. Thomas, a Union General during the Civil War.

Attendees brought their personal investigation equipment : cameras, thermometers, EMF meters, KII, voice recorders, etc. APRS team members were on hand to help those who need assistance using their equipment.

If you would like to hear some of the audio that was captured by the APRS Paranormal Meetup of Albany members during this research investigation, please sign up at our Message Board at http://www.paranormalalbany.com/forum/index.php

Again, we would like to thank everyone for helping with car-pooling, dealing with the extreme heat and humidity, hanging in there while we waited for the unexpected thunderstorm to pass, for being respectful of our location, and for making this a successful event.