Albany Paranormal Research Society, Inc


Article I  - Association Structure

Section 1 : This organization shall be called the Albany  Paranormal Research Society Inc. (also known as APRS).

Section 2 : APRS is a not-for-profit corporation which shall be a self-governing entity, each director having equal say and equal responsibility in the management and structure of the group. All directors shall have a vote on all issues involving the group as a whole.

Section 3 : APRS is organized and operated exclusively for scientific research, educational, and investigative purposes. While dedicated to helping clients deal with the issues of their case, the group does not perform “cleansings” or “banishments” of active spirit presences.


    Article 2 - Name and Jurisdiction

    Section 1: This organization shall be known as the Albany Paranormal Research Society Inc. (APRS)

    Section 2: The headquarters of this organization shall be located in the county of Albany, in the state of New York.

    Section 3: The jurisdiction of this organization shall include, but not be limited to the Capital Region of New York State and its surrounding areas.


      Article 3 - Purposes and Objectives

      Section 1: The purpose and objective of this organization shall be:

      1. To scientifically and without bias or prejudice explore and study the realm of the paranormal to gain an increased knowledge and greater understanding of the development, the science, and the nature of paranormal phenomena.
      2. To assist the general public in understanding the world of the paranormal phenomena and current investigation techniques.
      3. To network with similar organizations in the field of paranormal science, research and investigations
      4. To attempt to prove or disprove the existence of paranormal activity through on-site investigations at allegedly active locations aided by special equipment deemed appropriate by the directors.
      5. To examine all available forms of evidence related to the existence of paranormal activity including but not limited to photographs, audio, video and any physical evidence gathered.
      6. To report any validated evidence, as permitted by the client, related to the existence of the paranormal to the public in any medium deemed appropriate by the directors including but not limited to publication on the organization’s website located at
      7. To educate the investigators and public on the existence of the paranormal. This includes but is not limited to talks/lectures, public and private meetings and appearance in various media publications and outlets.
      8. To bring paranormal research to the forefront of modern science by objectively collecting and analyzing all of the evidence available during our investigations and to provide insight and a better understanding of that which cannot be explained by normal means.


      Article 4 - APRS Director Positions

      Section 1: The following positions within APRS will be held by the directors. The directors and their positions include (but are not limited to) are as follows:

      Debbie Stockwell

      • Secretary
      • Case Manager
      • Maintaining client records to include (but not limited to): Investigator list and client list
      • Marketing
      • Investigation Correspondence Requests


      MJ Henion

      • Treasurer - The Treasurer shall collect dues, pay all bills, and maintain the corporation’s financial records and prepare a monthly financial report for presentation to fellow directors.
      • Coordinator
      • MySpace Coordinator
      • Public Relations
      • Case Manager
      • Media including Media Correspondence Requests
      • General Group Correspondence Requests
      • Investigation Correspondence Requests


      Article 5 - Official Logos

      Section 1: The official logo of this organization shall be recognized as the banner created by Cathy Baker containing the wording “Albany Paranormal Research Society” in the center of the banner.

        Section 2: All official logos of this organization are copyrighted and shall remain the property of this organization. This includes all official forms and documents, all publications both physical and published on the organization’s website  located at The official logos and seals may not be reproduced in any form without the sole written permission of the directors of this organization

          Section 3: The title “Albany Paranormal Research Society Inc.” remains the exclusive property of the Board of Directors of this organization and may not be used b any other individual, organization or business without the express written permission of the directors.


            Article 6 - Investigator Eligibility

            Section 1: Subject only to the specific conditions set forth hereinafter, any person of good moral character who has an interest in the paranormal and a willingness to participate in investigative activities shall be eligible for investigator status at the discretion of the directors. APRS does not discriminate based on gender, race, religion, political, social or spiritual beliefs.

            Section 2: Any person expressing interest in joining this organization may become an investigator providing he/she meets the following requirements:

            1. He/She must be at least 18 years of age and be able to produce two forms of proper legal identification.
            2. He/She must complete an investigator application. This provision applies to all investigators, new or current.
            3. He/She must complete and pass a verbal interview with the directors of this organization.
            4. He/She must upon acceptance into the organization submit a digital photograph for the inclusion on the website. This provision applies to all investigators, new or current.
            5. He/She must sign an investigator agreement. This provision applies to all investigators, new or current.
            6. He/She must have their own form of transportation to and from all organization events.
            7. He/She must agree to attend no less than 50% of all announced organization meetings, training session, and other mandatory special events unless the directors grant a waiver. This provision applies to all investigators, new or current.
            8. He/She must agree to dress appropriately for the events in which they are involved. Any offensive clothing, clothing which contains offensive visuals or words, or clothing which promotes other paranormal organizations will not be tolerated.

            Section 3: No person shall be eligible for investigator status if:

            1. He/She directly refuses or is believe to not adhere to the established rules and protocols of this organization or its by-laws.
            2. He/She refuses to obligate themselves to some type of acceptable participation in scheduled
            3. There is reason to believe that he/she has falsified any investigator application information.
            4. He/She advocates race, religious, or class hatred or discrimination
            5. He/She refuses to sign a Disclosure, Waiver of Liability and Confidentiality agreement

            Section 4: APRS reserves the right to deny, or cancel, investigators status if:

            1. He/She does not attend 50% of all announced organization meetings, training sessions or other mandatory special events.
            2. He/She attempts or accomplishes to undermine the credibility of the organization in any way.
            3. He/She divulges any privileged or confidential information gathered during investigations, research, meetings, training sessions or other special events with anyone who is not a member of this organization or its current allies. All information is to be considered privileged or confidential and should only be discussed within the organization.
            4. He/She uses alcohol or illegal drugs before or during investigations research, meetings, training sessions or other special events that might inhibit or enhance their judgment or perception of reality.
            5. He/She failt to act in a safe and professional manner during all events.
            6. He/She trespasses, or violates the law of any governmental unit during any event.
            7. He/She is simply dishonest or demonstrates other bad traits, which may reflect negatively on this organization.
            8. He/She falsifies any records, research, investigation logs or evidence.
            9. He/She violates any established rule or protocol of this organization or its by-laws.
            10. Proven to be a safety or legal liability to the group.

            Section 5: Investigator code of conduct and regulations:

            1. It is the responsibility of all organization investigators to conduct themselves in a safe and professional manner at all times. Investigators are reminded that they are representatives of this organization and their conduct reflects on us as a whole.
            2. All investigators while participating in investigations, research, meetings, training sessions or other special events must be dressed in appropriate attire for both the physical and social environment of the location.
            3. The Board of Directors, at any event, is in command and makes all decisions concerning the event. Failure to follow directions, any established rule or protocol of this organization or its by-laws is grounds for immediate removal from the event and/or termination of investigator status.
            4. All events must be conducted in a courteous and professional manner.
            5. Use of alcohol or illegal drugs is strictly forbidden before or during any event.
            6. All investigators will do their best to refrain from using obscene, foul or abusive language near clients or the public.
            7. All investigators are required to respect the privacy of all clients, allied groups, and locations that we are working with.
            8. All inquiries from the media, law enforcement, concerned citizens, and others at the event scene will be directed to the directors conducting the event.
            9. All investigators are required to respect the event site. This includes but is not limited to: no trespassing, no burglary, no littering, no vandalism, no theft, no pranks or practical jokes and any other activity which is deemed inappropriate by the directors.
            10. No investigator is to investigate alone due to safety and credibility concerns.
            11. All investigators are required to collect evidence, take notes, review evidence, and submit all findings and notes to the case manager in charge of said investigation. This will take the form as a final investigation report.
            12. All organizational meetings are for investigators only. Please do not bring guests without first consulting the directors.
            13. All investigators are required to arrive at scheduled events in a timely manner. If an investigator must be absent from a scheduled event, a director must be notified prior to the scheduled event. In case of emergency, please notify a director as soon as safely possible.
            14. There will be absolutely no tolerance of firearms or weapons of any kind on any APRS activity / investigation.
            15. Reflective accessories are prohibited. Watches, if worn, should be dark and non-luminous and must remain covered during investigations.
            16. Refrain from wearing perfumes, after shave, or cologne during investigations
            17. The Board of Directors of this organization retain the right to make the “final decisions”. Investigators opinions will be respected and considered in all decisions.

            Section 6: Other Investigator Points:

            1. The Board of Directors of this organization has the exclusive right to deny investigator status to anyone who does not meet the high standards of Albany Paranormal Research Society Inc.
            2. All new investigators are placed on a probationary period of at least five investigations after an initial informal interview upon being accepted into this organization. This period may be lengthened at the discretion of the directors. The purpose of the probationary period is to offer prospective investigator an opportunity to experience the investigative process and determine their compatibility with group dynamics.
            3. This organization is not obligated in any way to retain any investigator that does not meet the high standards of this organization. Continuing investigator status is based on the discretion of the directors and may be terminated at any time by a majority vote of the directors.
            4. This organization is not obligated in any way to accept investigators or continue investigator status to those who belong to another paranormal investigation group and/or team. This is a conflict of interest and will not be tolerated. The Board of Directors of this organization has the responsibility to insure that this policy is followed with no permitted exceptions.

            Article 7 – Meetings

            Section 1: This organization will hold their annual organizational meeting in the month of March. This meeting will serve the purpose of amending any by-laws which the Board of Directors feel are no longer appropriate for the organization, reviewing financial records and discussing old and new business.

            Section 2: This organization will hold meetings when the Board of Directors deem necessary. If necessary, investigators will be expected to attend said meetings. Failure of investigators to attend said meetings could result in termination, unless absence has been previously approved by a director.

            Section 3: This organization will hold public meetings at least every other month on a date and time and at a location that is announced no less than 21 days from the selected date and time. This meeting will serve as an educational opportunity in the field of the paranormal.

            Article 8 – Leadership

            Section 1: The leadership of this organization shall consist only of the Board of Directors. The leadership of this organization shall have the responsibility to make decisions for this organization by a vote or consensus. All decisions of the leadership are considered final, but may be appealed in writing for reconsideration.

            Section 2: The support staff of this organization shall consist of, but not be limited to: Technician Manager, Research Manager and Web Support.

            Section 3: Eligibility to hold a support staff position in this organization shall be governed by the sole discretion of the Board of Directors and the provisions of the by-laws.

            Section 4: The Board of Directors in accordance with the provisions of the by-laws appoints all support staff positions. There shall be no term limit on any position.

            Section 5: Any investigator may apply for a vacant support staff position after they have completed their probationary period. All appointments will be made based on the investigators involvement in the organization and their willingness to assist the organization.

            Section 6: Support staff duties may vary. In general, the following duties will be associated with the following positions:

            1. Board of Directors: Oversee daily operations of this organization; supervise all investigators and support staff. Enact policy reforms, resolutions and amendments to the by-laws; Maintain all financial records and administer any organization funds and property; Preside over and maintain order of investigations, research, meetings, training sessions or other special events; Appoint all support staff; Serve as a lead investigator to guide and advise investigators in established rules and protocols of this organization and its by-laws; Serve as webmaster and moderator of and all domains and utilities therein; Maintain all investigator records; Organize investigations, Analyze and validate evidence; research, meetings, training sessions or other special events; Promotion of this organization in various forums and media outlets; Maintain this organizations credibility; Recruit new investigators and insure proper training standards; All other duties not inconsistent with the goals of this organization and furthering its interest. Take notes at meetings, training sessions or other special events.
            2. Technical Manager oversees all technical decisions concerning, but not limited to the set up and take down of all technical equipment during investigations, meetings and case reveals, when necessary. Maintain Equipment Inventory and assist in training sessions.
            3. Research Manger oversees all aspects of research deemed necessary before all investigations and public meeting outings.
            4. Web Support assists in any web related changes or procedures deemed necessary by the APRS webmaster.

            Section 7: Special consultants may be retained by the organization. They may be utilized for their expert opinions or talents to further the goals and interests of this organization.

            Article 9 – Investigation Procedure

            Section 1: Investigation time and date will be determined by the case manager for said investigation, taking in concern the availability of investigators and the convenience of the client.

            Section 2: Investigators for said investigation will be chosen by the case manager of said investigation.

            Section 3: Investigators chosen for specific investigations will be notified by e-mail and/or phone, the time and location of said investigation.

            Section 4: A pre-investigation report will be sent by e-mail, by the case manager, to all investigators assigned to specific investigation.

            Section 5: Assigned investigators will be responsible to become familiar with the case prior to the investigation. 

            Section 6: Investigators are responsible for the direct examination of all and any personal evidence collected during the investigation.

            Section 7: A post-investigation gathering will be held after every investigation to review findings and draw preliminary conclusions.

            Section 8: Investigators must submit a timely report with all findings and experiences of said investigation to the case by the date specified by the case manager for said investigation.

            Section 9: The case manager for said investigation will complete a final report which will be filed with all case material and also be presented to client

            Section 10: A meeting time and date will be set up with the client and the directors, by the case manager to “reveal” the findings of said investigation. This meeting will be based on the availability of the directors and convenience of the client.

            Article 10 – Evidence Ownership

            Section 1: All evidence collected during an investigation including but not limited to: Audio, Photography, Video and other equipment is the property of Albany Paranormal Investigations Inc.

            Section 2: Investigation results are the property of Albany Paranormal Research Society Inc, the investigator and the client. The client's privacy and security will always be a group priority. If/when evidentiary results are posted on the website, the investigator shall be given full credit for his/her evidence, if so desired, always ensuring complete client anonymity, when necessary, as it pertains to the location and name of the client.

            Section 3: Albany Paranormal Research Society Inc. reserves the right to publicize verified evidence of paranormal activity, for scientific purposes. Such disclosures will keep client names and locations anonymous upon request. Any evidence can only be posted on the website with the express prior permission of the client.

            Article 11 – Donations and Funding

            Section 1: This organization shall operate under NYS non-profit laws and shall not charge for any investigation service that it provides.

            Section 2: This organization shall accept donations of equipment to aide in furthering the goals and interests of this organization and its investigators.

            Section 3: This organization shall accept monetary donations to aide in furthering the goals and interests of this organization and its investigators. These monetary donations will be accepted by cash, check, money order or via a paypal link on this organizations website located at

            Section 4: To receive, manage, invest, expend or otherwise use the funds and property of this organization to carry out and achieve these objectives and purposes set forth in these by-laws and for such additional objectives and purposes not inconsistent therein that will further the interests of this organization either directly or indirectly.

            Section 5: No part of the net earnings of Albany Paranormal Research Society Inc. shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its directors, or other private persons, except that the corporation shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in these provisions.

            Article 12 – Calendar Year

            Section 1: The calendar year of this organization shall be from 01/01 – 12/31

            Article 13 – Amendments

            Section 1: These by-laws may be amended, altered, repealed or added to by the Board of Directors of this organization as deemed necessary. Notice will be given to all investigators and an effective date for any amendments or changes will be given.