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Important Information

We are The Albany Paranormal Research Society, a TAPS family member. We are a Not-For-Profit entity in NY State and help those in need and educating the public about the paranormal.


Albany Paranormal Research Society Inc. Bylaws


MJ Carcuro (Case Management)
Debbie Stockwell (Case Management)


Anita Martin (Assistant Case Manager)
Jason Decker
Dean Amadio
Tracey Clark
Fern Fletcher

Cindy Gagliardi

Investigators in Training


Many paranormal investigation groups have a set of rules and/or procedures they follow when performing an investigation. We do as well. Here are a few of our guidelines that should help you to know what to expect if we come into your home or business:

We will only enter a property by invitation. In the case of an investigation at a public location, we will make sure to have permission by the proper authorities.

If we find that the location of the investigation is an obviously dangerous location or situation, we will leave. It is at our discretion! We will not endanger our team or client in any way.

We will arrive at a time that works for the client, but we must also give ourselves time to set up the proper equipment and eliminate anything that may generate a false result.

We will understand that every situation is unique and be prepared for anything to happen.

We will respect the privacy and property of our client.

No evidence or other information will be publicly shared unless proper permission is granted by the client.

We will do our best to not only educate ourselves but also our clients.

  • Investigations are free of charge. Our members are dedicated to this field and cover all investigation expenses as their own. ¬†Expenses such as travel, lodging, food, and equipment purchases.
  • We will be courteous and professional.
  • We never travel alone to a location.
  • We will never jeopardize the safety of our team or that of our clients.

If you have additional questions, please check out or FAQ page.